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BMIGIFTS is an Chinese Promotional Products supply company based in China, India, & Dubai . We service an expanding client list with on budget, on time and on specification Promotional Marketing Solutions. When you choose us as your supplier you will be in good company - see some of our clients here. Dispatching branded products and clothing from decoration offices in China, Dubai and India we are well positioned to service both large and small companies and government departments all over . In short - we are big enough to make your large order happen but are small enough to care about everyday smaller orders also.

What we do

Our growing reputation is centred around our belief in supplying the best quality products at value prices with excellent customer service. Our world view is simple:-

Quality Products :

We understand that Promotional Products and Clothing are mini billboards for your brand. As such we maintain minimum quality thresholds, if it's cheap and unfit for purpose we simply will not sell it, we concentrate on quality products for effective long term promotions.

Customer Service and Advice :

A central part of what we do is offer clients good quality advice about our products and how to use them effectively. You can only do this by having years of product knowledge and a sound understanding of the principles behind marketing. When you talk with a salesperson at Promotion Products they will have a formal marketing qualification so you are assured of quality advice. Our customer service does not stop there but will continue right through to delivery of your product.

Best Prices :

We monitor our online competitors pricing to ensure our costs are lower. If you see a similar looking product for less but want our quality and customer service we will always try to better that price!

Promotion Products and the community :

We believe that charities and the not-for-profit sector play an important role in life and the communities that we live in. If you require Promotional Items or Clothing for such an organisation or event please contact us. We will try to assist you with a discount on our products – just tell us what you are doing – it may be organising a large conference or fundraising campaign or a small community event – we will endeavour to assist however we can.

Promotion Products and Environment :

At time of writing in (April 2010) there is a lot of debate about climate change and if it actually exists. At Promotion Products our stance is, regardless of our own personal views on climate change, that we should plan for worse case scenarios. As professional business operators we see it as a responsibility to reduce wastage and drive efficiencies however we can. Call us a bunch of lentil eating tree hugging hippies if you like ( were actually just normal people) but this is what we have put in place over the years in support of our views.

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Our Company

BMIGIFTS is an Chinese Promotional Products supply company based in China, India, & Dubai .

: info@bmigifts.com

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